The Future is Now: Online Learning Can’t Wait

Challenging circumstances do two things. First, they force us to divorce the comfort of our settled habits and methods. Whether we are willing or not, we must endure the process of detachment to routines we spent time and effort adopting. This detachment is displacement that can occur spatially, mentally, or even collectively. Second, challenging circumstances provide us with opportunities for change that are uniquely called for. While maintaining the status quo has its benefits, there is also something to be said about how easily the need for change, improvement, or innovation, can be lost in the lull of an established “right way”. The displacement that occurs with unforeseen developments leaves us with no choice but to change, yet it also leaves us with no room for hesitation. In periods of stability and certainty, there may be a wandering contemplation of shifts, but when there is no certainty to rely on, the demands in front of us offer a remarkable focus with which to apply ourselves. 

When we consider Education research, it is essential that we keep in mind that it is not work that is completed overnight. Regardless of how many innovative ideas there are, Education research has been limited by its timed nature. Results can be as simple as the scores of one test, but how significant would those results be? Sometimes it can take up to a generation to see the impact and truth behind a method of teaching/learning. The Internet as we know it is so fresh that it is yet to establish itself as a concrete mode of learning. With schools around the globe shifting to online learning, what some schools have attempted to implement over the last decade, has been done overnight. 

The future is now. When disaster strikes, who has time to wait for an ideal future when there are more desperate and life-threatening needs right now. So if the future is now, what does Education need that just can’t wait anymore? Educators, academicians, researchers, policy makers, and students themselves have been voicing out for years the potential of online learning, and continuously doing incredible work in researching, planning, and implementing new online learning practices and systems worldwide. The global pandemic has opened up awareness of these needs, and so it is to say that experience truly is the best teacher. But we need to keep ourselves caught up. 

If there were institutions, companies, organizations, committees, or any individuals for that matter, who hadn’t gotten themselves officiated on the internet, the global pandemic has been sure to change that. But while for some people gaining access during the pandemic and staying up to date on current procedures is as simple as creating an account, for those it’s far more difficult than that. The Digital Divide, or the gap between those who have access to internet and technology and those who don’t, can be deadly. In terms of education, homes that cannot afford to access the internet required to fuel, or don’t have the equipment to facilitate online learning, are disadvantaged against their will in this regard. As reliance on internet connectivity to execute daily functions grows more common, this will disproportionately affect homes and regions that don’t have the same amenities. This is a concern that cannot wait as the days pass since learning cannot wait. 

Dece Education Services knows that Online Learning can’t wait. For that reason, we are dedicated to empowering knowledge experts to be able to provide quality education, on their terms. Similarly, we believe that learners should be able to access courses, practical skills and certifications that will help them achieve their individual goals.


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