Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you have a schedule of upcoming courses?

Yes. Our events calendar lists all of our upcoming courses. 


What kind of classes do you offer? 

We offer 100% online classes, blended classes (which include face-to-face and online components) and traditional 100% in-class instruction. 


Are all of your classes provided by DECE? 

Some of our classes are provided by DECE instructors, while others are hosted by our instructor partners. We offer few select courses, but most of our courses are hosted for our qualified partners. 


Do you provide online access for all students? 

Yes. We provide online access to all of our students. 


I want to register multiple people for a course. How do I do it? 

Please contact us by using our “Contact Us” page, and we will help you with registration. 


Do you provide certification? 

We provide certificates of attendance and participation for those who attend 90% of the face-to-face sessions and finish 90% of online work. We also provide courses to prepare you for language, computer and project management certifications. 


Can I pay for the course in cash? 

Yes, you can come to our center and pay the fee directly. 


Can I teach a course? 

Yes. If you are a graduate student, a professor, a professional or an expert wishing to share what you know with others, we will be more than happy to work with you to teach a course with us.


How much money can I make if I teach a course at DECE?

You can make up to 65% of students’ fees for the course.


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