Our blended classes involve face-to-face interaction through Zoom video conferencing in addition to online work that learners are expected to do on their own.   

Whether you are the instructor or the learner, you will need a working desktop or laptop, access to a reliable internet connection, and a functional webcam. 

Requirements and pre-requisites specific to any course will  be indicated on that course page.  

This varies from one course to another, and instructors will be happy to discuss with you how much time is needed weekly for their particular course.

Students who attend the course and complete 80% of its requirements are given certificates of completion.  

You can begin by signing up for a regular account here.

After you register, go to the Contact us page and send us a request to add you as an instructor, and we will contact you to complete your registration. 

Materials from online courses will remain available for up to one year, while materials from live or blended classes will be available for up to six weeks after the end of the course.   

We only host your courses, you retain total ownership of your content and your courses.

Yes, if you choose, you can pay for use of our space and collect all fees for your self.  We will be happy to host your lectures, meetings and classes.

We would happy to host your classes in our space, or through our Zoom-integrated online platform.  In addition to hosting your classes, we will also help you market your course, design any related graphics for social media advertising, and provide all amenities to make your experience convenient and meaningful.