About Us

Our Story

Like you, we have tried to look for courses to improve our skills. Whether we wanted to learn more about project management or a new coding language, we found ourselves facing several problems i.e. classes were expensive, it was hard to find time to schedule them in, it wasn’t easy to stay motivated enough to actually take the classes.  On-site classes can cost thousands, but they’re often short-term and not suitable for every student. Online classes are more affordable, but how many of us pay fees only to never finish the course?

DECE was born out of our frustration over how hard it is to find affordable classes taught by passionate people in a flexible way. DECE stands for Decentralized Education – it means you own the teaching and learning, and we are simply the facilitators of educational opportunities. We want to connect learners with passionate instructors who can efficiently share knowledge that is transferable to the job market.


Who We Are

DECE Education Services is a company based in Kuala Lumpur that provides intensive courses, seminars and workshops on the subjects of business, engineering, language development and technology (BELT). We connect learners with professionals and experts through our online portal and facilitate on-the-ground for targeted and flexible teaching and learning. We offer on-site courses, online courses and blended courses that include components of both online and face-to-face interactions.



Our vision is to empower individuals to share their knowledge and to provide them with suitable opportunities for effective learning and interactions that improve their careers and lives.


Our mission is to facilitate teaching and learning to enhance capacity for employment and career advancement.


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